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The inception of the name Oreo is obscure, yet there are numerous hypotheses, including deductions from the French word 'Or', which means gold (as early bundling was gold),[citation needed] or the Greek word 'Oreo', which means wonderful, pleasant or well done.[2] Others trust that the treat was named Oreo since it was short and simple to pronounce.[3]


The trademarked face of an Oreo treat

Twentieth century[edit]

The "Oreo Biscuit" was initially created and delivered by the National Biscuit Company (today known as Nabisco) in 1912[4][5] at its Chelsea, Manhattan production line in the ebb and flow day Chelsea Market intricate, situated on Ninth Avenue somewhere around fifteenth and sixteenth Streets.[6] Today, this same square of Ninth Avenue is known as "Oreo Way."[6] The name Oreo was initially trademarked on March 14, 1912.[7] It was propelled as an impersonation of the Hydrox treat fabricated by Sunshine organization, presented in 1908.[8]

The first plan of the treat highlighted a wreath around the edge of the treat and the name "OREO" in the center.[9] In the United States, they were sold for 25 pennies a pound (453 g) in oddity jars with clear glass tops. The main Oreo was sold on March 6, 1912 to a food merchant in Hoboken, New Jersey.[10]

The Oreo Biscuit was renamed in 1921, to "Oreo Sandwich."[2] another outline for the treat was presented in 1924.[9] A lemon-filled assortment was accessible quickly amid the 1920s, yet was discontinued.[9] In 1948, the Oreo Sandwich was renamed the "Oreo Creme' Sandwich"; it was changed in 1974 to the Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie.[2] The cutting edge Oreo plan was created in 1952 by William A. Turnier,[11] to incorporate the Nabisco logo.

The cutting edge Oreo treat filling was created by Nabisco's essential sustenance researcher, Sam Porcello.[6][12] Porcello held five licenses specifically identified with his work on the Oreo.[12] He likewise made a line of Oreo treats secured in dull chocolate and white chocolate.[6][12] Porcello resigned from Nabisco in 1993.[6] In the mid 1990s, wellbeing concerns incited Nabisco to supplant the grease in the loading with somewhat hydrogenated vegetable oil.[13] Oreo treats are prevalent with certain dietary limitations, similar to veggie lovers, in light of the fact that the cream inside the treat is not produced using any creature products,[14] in any case, there is a danger of cross-sullying from other dairy-containing items made in similar generation areas.[15]

Twenty-first century[edit]

Beginning in January 2006, Oreo treats supplanted the trans fat in the treat with non-hydrogenated vegetable oil.[13][16][17][18]

Nabisco started a promoting program in 2008, publicizing the utilization of Oreo treats in an amusement called DSRL, which remains for "Twofold Stuf Racing League." The DSRL was acquainted one week earlier with Super Bowl XLII. This game had additionally been embraced by football siblings Peyton Manning and Eli Manning.[19] Sisters Venus and Serena Williams have likewise joined, and tested the Mannings to a race, which publicized in an advertisement on January 18, 2009.[20] Another crusade began for Golden Double Stuf Oreo treats with the siblings being tested by Donald Trump and "Twofold Trump", played by Darrell Hammond; the date for this opposition was January 24, 2010. The Mannings won in both cases. Another promotion crusade is presently spinning around a 'Hooded Menace' debilitating to assume control over the Double Stuf Racing League, and Eli Manning and Stufy (the DSRL mascot) requiring some help airing starting close by September 14, 2010. After six days, it was reported that Shaquille O'Neal and Apolo Ohno joined Oreo Double Stuf Racing League vets Eli Manning and Venus Williams.

In April 2011, Oreo reported its exceptional release Oreo treats with blue creme in advancement of the 2011 3D PC energized film Rio. The advancement included stickers inside every bundle of treats. Two sorts of challenges were additionally reported: to begin with, by finishing a collection of stickers, shoppers could win three motion picture passes and medium cafe combos; second, by discovering winning stickers in bundles with prizes, including an excursion to Rio de Janeiro, knapsacks, silver screen goes for a year, and 3D glasses. The advancement finished May 30, 2011,[21] and was accessible in Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia.[22]

The rainbow Oreo commercial in support of Gay Pride month

In June 2012, Oreo posted an advertisement showing an Oreo treat with rainbow shaded cream to celebrate Gay Pride month.[23] The treat itself is not being produced or accessible available to be purchased. The advertisement incited some negative remarks yet Kraft remained by their advancement expressing "Kraft Foods has a glad history of commending differing qualities and comprehensiveness. We feel the Oreo advertisement is a fun impression of our values."[24] The Gay Pride promotion was taken after amid 2012 by a progression of promotions recognizing different occasions and occasions, including a red, white and blue cream Oreo for Bastille Day, a surge of treat pieces for the presence of the Delta Aquarid meteor shower, and a treat with a barbed nibble removed from it for Shark Week.

Global distribution[edit]

Oreo treats are dispersed worldwide through an assortment of offers and promoting implies. In the United Kingdom, since May 2008, after stocking of Oreo (called Oreo bread rolls in UK[25]) in the grocery store chain Sainsbury's, Kraft chosen to completely dispatch the Oreo over the UK, repackaged in the more natural British tube outline, went with a £4.5M TV publicizing effort around the 'bend, lick, dunk' catchphrase.[26] Kraft as of late banded together with McDonald's to bring the Oreo McFlurry (as of now on special in numerous nations) to a couple McDonald's areas amid its yearly Great Tastes of America advancements, as of October 2015 the Oreo McFlurry turned into a perpetual menu thing at McDonald's in the United Kingdom. An Oreo enhanced "Krushem" drink was additionally on special in UK KFC stores. The UK Oreo site gives a somewhat extraordinary fixings rundown to that of the US item. Dissimilar to the US form, UK Oreo treats initially contained whey powder as were not reasonable for individuals who maintain a strategic distance from drain items. As the whey powder was sourced from cheddar made with calf rennet, UK Oreo treats were likewise not reasonable for vegetarians.[27][28] On 6 December 2011, Kraft reported that Oreo treats would begin to be delivered in the UK. Their Cadbury industrial facility at Sheffield in South Yorkshire was chosen to produce Oreo treats in the UK interestingly. Creation began on May 2013.[29]

As indicated by the Kraft Foods Company the Oreo is the "World's Best Selling Cookie".[30] As the ubiquity of Oreos keeps on developing, so does the measure of dispersion that accompanies it. In March 2012, Time Magazine reported that Oreos were accessible in more than 100 distinct nations. Generally, it is assessed that since the Oreo treat's origin in 1912 that more than 450 billion Oreos have been delivered around the world. The United States, China, Venezuela, Canada, and Indonesia round out the main 5 nations regarding sales.[31]


As per an announcement from Kim McMiller, an Associate Director of Consumer Relations,[citation needed] a two-arrange process is utilized to make Oreo treats. The base cake batter is framed into the recognizable round treats by a rotational shape at the passage of a 300-foot-long broiler.

A lot of Oreo generation was once done at the Hersheys processing plant in Hershey, Pennsylvania.[citation needed] Oreo treats for the Asian markets are produced in Indonesia, India and China, aside from Japan where Oreo was made locally under the brand "Yamazaki-Nabisco". Oreo treats for Europe are made in Spain and in Russia (Mondel─ôz Rus') for buyers in a few CIS nations. Oreo treats sold in Australia are produced in Indonesia (beforehand China) or Spain, contingent upon flavor. The Canadian delivered variant (sold under the Christie's image) incorporates coconut oil and is sold just in that locale. Assembling of Oreo rolls in Pakistan started in mid 2014 at the creation plant of Continental Biscuits Limited in Sukkur, Pakistan in a joint effort with Mondelez International of the United States and Continental Biscuits Limited of Pakistan.

Oreo boycott[edit]

In 2015, Mondelez reported its choice to close some of its American manufacturing plants and move Oreo generation to Mexico, provoking the Oreo boycott.[32] In 2016, after creation had begun in Mexico, the AFL-CIO supported the blacklist and distributed buyer direction to recognize which Mondelez items were made in Mexico.[33]

In July 2016, Oreo treats stopped being made in Chicago, US.[34]


Fundamental article: List of Oreo assortments

Notwithstanding their conventional outline of two chocolate wafers isolated by a cream filling, Oreo treats have been created in a wide range of assortments since they were initially presented, and this rundown is just a manual for a portion of the more striking and late sorts; not all are accessible in each nation. Outstanding flavors in the US are:

Diverse sizes of Oreo treats: smaller than usual, normal and Double Stuf

Twofold Stuf Oreo (presented in 1974)[35] have about double the ordinary measure of white creme filling. Accessible in nutty spread, unique, cool mint, chocolate creme, and birthday cake. In the UK they are called Double Stuff Oreo (take note of the twofold 'f') and are at present just accessible in unique.

Mega Stuf Oreo presented in February 2013, are like Double Stuf Oreo treats, however with much more white cream filling. They come in both chocolate and brilliant assortments.

Football Oreo football-formed Oreo treats, presented in 1976

Huge Stuf Oreo (presented in 1987)[35] were a few times the span of a typical Oreo. Sold independently, each Big Stuf contained 250 calories (1,000 kJ)[36] and 13 grams of fat. They were stopped in 1991.

Scaled down Oreo, initially discharged in 1991,[37] are chomp measured renditions of common Oreo treats. In the wake of being suspended in the late 1990s they were re-discharged in 2000 alongside the upgraded 2001 Dodge Carav